The USC EPO Plus plan is a high quality, affordable option for employees residing in California who cover dependents who reside out of state or in Northern California.

Like the Trojan Care EPO plan, the EPO Plus offers enrolled employees and their dependents access to Keck Medicine of USC providers and other selected Anthem providers within six Southern California counties.

In addition, the USC EPO Plus also offers coverage to dependents who live in the U.S. outside of California or in Northern California. Those dependents also have access to select Anthem Prudent Buyer/BlueCard providers where they reside.

See the EPO Plus fact sheet for more information and the EPO Plus summary of benefits and coverage.

Remember that your $20 copay for office visits is reduced to $10 for primary care physician (PCP) visits when you designate a PCP ahead of time – see information on designating a PCP. You are not required to obtain a referral from your PCP before seeing a specialist.

Browse the following list to get more details on the EPO Plus plan, including contact information and features.

Finding a provider

USC providers

You can access quality care from these providers in the Trojan Family:

  • Keck Medicine of USC physicians (available at UPC, HSC, and numerous other locations around in Southern California)
  • Keck Hospital of USC
  • USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • USC Verdugo Hills Hospital
  • USC Arcadia Hospital

Other providers

To ensure your access to a full range of services, the EPO Plus provider network also includes a wide selection of carefully chosen providers and facilities that meet USC quality standards, which you can find online at HCOnline, the consolidated member site.  Note you do not have to log in as a member to use the “find a provider” feature. However, EPO Plus members – as well as anyone in your family – can log in to the site to find providers, compare medical plans, and more. Visit and see the HCOnline user guide.

Additional network providers only for eligible dependents

To find providers for your out-of-state dependents, go to and click “Find Care“on the top of the home page. Click on “Basic search as a guest,” then follow the steps below.

  1. Under “Select the type of plan or network” select “Medical Plan or Network.”
  2. Under “Select the state where your plan is offered” select the  “California”.
  3. Under “How do you get health insurance” select “Medical (Employer-Sponsored).”
  4. Under “Select a plan/network,” if you reside in California, select “Prudent Buyer PPO/EPO.” Or, if you reside outside of California, select “National PPO (BlueCard PPO),” then click on “Continue.”
  5. You must input your city, county, or zip code where you are seeking care before clicking “Urgent Care.”

Telemedicine providers

EPO Plus participants may access LiveHealth Online, where a primary care physician visit can be conducted online via two-way video consultation. Physicians can answer questions, make a diagnosis and even prescribe basic medication if needed. LiveHealth Online consultation will involve a $10 copay. Physicians are available year-round, 24/7. This service is only available within the United States. Visit for information on system requirements and supported mobile devices. Note that you will need your subscriber ID which begins with NP followed by the 7 digits of your employee ID number (NPXXXXXXX). Be sure you select “Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield” when asked which insurance you have. Employees and their spouses will need to create their own LiveHealth account to access a doctor visit; children can be seen using the employee’s account, but you will need to create a profile for each child.

Lyra Health providers

Refer to the Other health and wellness programs page for information on the behavioral health benefits with Lyra Health.

Urgent care providers

Save time and money by using a participating urgent care center if you don’t have a life-threatening emergency but have a condition that requires prompt medical attention – an urgent care copay is only $35. Find a participating urgent care center in CA by clicking here. Click on Basic search as a guest, then follow the steps below. (For participating locations elsewhere in the U.S., call BlueCard at (800) 810-2583.)

  1. Under “Select the type of plan or network” select “Medical Plan or Network.”
  2. Under “Medical Plan or Network” select “California”.
  3. Under “Medical Plan or Network” select “Medical (Employer-Sponsored).”
  4. Under “Select a plan/network,” if you reside in California, select “Prudent Buyer PPO/EPO.” Or, if you reside outside of California, select “National PPO (BlueCard PPO),” then click on “Continue.”
  5. You must input your city, county, or zip code where you are seeking care before clicking “Urgent Care.”

Designating a primary care physician

If you designate a primary care physician (PCP) for yourself, you receive a $10 discount on your copay amount each time you visit the physician’s office (excluding visits to a specialist). While not required, in addition to the savings you receive, designating a PCP gives you someone who will have the “big picture” of your health and who can monitor any changes. The same goes for your covered dependents. To designate a PCP for you and each of your covered dependents, register at the HealthComp site (you may also wish to consult this helpful guide to designating a primary care physician). You may change your PCP designation at any time. Changes made on or before the 15th day of the month will be effective on the first day of the following month.

The EPO Plus does not have a referral system so you can make an appointment to see any provider you wish without obtaining a referral from your PCP. Note that it is your responsibility to determine what level of coverage you have with any provider before your visit. If a provider is not contracted with the EPO Plus, benefits are not covered under the plan.

Getting prescriptions

The EPO Plus plan’s prescription drug formulary is designed to provide a wide range of medications while helping keep the EPO Plus a low-cost plan. Be sure to verify your medications are covered under the EPO Plus drug formulary. Some medications may also require a clinical prior authorization or step therapies or have specific quantity limits.

The plan’s pharmacy benefits manager is Navitus. Our exclusive specialty pharmacy network includes Lumicera, USC Pharmacies, and Keck Specialty Pharmacy. Mail order service is available through Costco Mail Order Pharmacy (Costco membership not required).

Visit the Navitus USC site now to learn more about your medications in the formulary and search for a contracted pharmacy.

Livongo diabetes care

Refer to the Other health and wellness programs page for information on the diabetes management benefits through Livongo.

Claims, billing, and reimbursement

The EPO Plus plan is administered by HealthComp. Call (855) 727-5267 with questions about plan benefits, bills, or claims. You can view your paid claims information on the HealthComp site, but you must first register as a member – see Registering on HealthComp. You can also sign up to receive Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements online only – see Understanding your EOB.

Medical claim forms can be downloaded from the same site; a PDF version is posted here for your convenience:

HealthComp claim form

Submit claim forms along with copies of bills and receipts for documentation in one of three ways:

  1. Submit your medical claims electronically to HealthComp at HCOnline (Recommended for faster processing and tracking.)
    Instructions on how to submit a claim.
    Instructions on how to register for HealthComp.
  2. Fax to (559) 499-2464
  3. Mail to: HealthComp Administrators, PO Box 45018, Fresno, CA 93718-5018
    Note:  Please keep copies of all documents mailed and faxed to HealthComp for your records.

Your plan ID card

Medical plan identification cards are issued by HealthComp. HealthComp automatically sends two ID cards to subscribers with family coverage. If you need an extra card, log in to the HealthComp site or call (855) 727-5267. Cards take about two weeks to arrive, or you can download a HealthComp Digital ID Card on that site.

USC Premier Care

USC Premier Care is a free care management service for plan participants who use Keck Medicine of USC providers. Your physician can refer you to the program, or you may contact them directly at (833) 726-8773 (M-F, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.). The Premier Care team tailors services to each patient, collaborating with your physician and clinical staff to help you reach important health milestones. They also help with scheduling appointments, wellness services, medical management, community services support, health education, and care transitions when you are hospitalized, as well as annual cancer screening, and clinical programs for issues like hypertension and diabetes. Learn more with the fact sheets below:

COVID-19 resources

Screening and testing – The health plan will pay 100% for only medically necessary screening and testing of COVID-19. Beginning Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022, members covered by private health insurance or a group health plan are now able to purchase over-the-counter (OTC) COVID-19 tests authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at no cost without a prescription. The reimbursement of OTC COVID-19 tests will remain in effect until December 31, 2023.

  • COVID-19 test kits can be purchased at network pharmacies at $0 member out-of-pocket, with a quantity limit of eight tests per covered individual every 30 days. This eight test limit does not apply to such test kits ordered with a prescription. COVID-19 tests kits must be purchased at the pharmacy counter with your medical/rx insurance card to ensure that they are processed properly. View Navitus’ list of network pharmacies.
  • Members can also submit a claim for reimbursement for COVID-19 OTC test kits purchased on or after Jan. 15, including those from non-network pharmacies and non-pharmacy locations. The COVID-19 OTC Test Claim Form is also available for download at

For more detailed information, please see the COVID OTC Testing FAQs.

LiveHealth Online – Primary care physician and mental health visits can be conducted online where physicians can answer questions, make a diagnosis, and even prescribe basic medication if needed. For more information visit

Lyra mental health – Lyra provides care for mental/emotional health at no cost to you. Whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, short-term support is available from Lyra’s top therapists, coaches, and online tools. For more information visit or see Coping with the Coronavirus Epidemic.

For more information, please visit the CDC website for the latest COVID-19 information.

Members of this plan also have access to other health and wellness offerings, such as online health visits and mental health support. Visit Other health and wellness programs for details.

Plan documents

EPO Plus Welcome Brochure
USC EPO Plus Summary Plan Description
EPO Plus Fact Sheet
Notice of Privacy Practices
EPO Plus – Summary of Benefits and Coverage (2023)

Contact information

USC EPO Plus | USC Health Plans (213) 740-0035 or

Claim, eligibility or plan coverage questions
HealthComp |
855-727-5267 or

Medical prior authorizations
Anthem Blue Cross
(800) 274-7767