Watt Way and Royal Street entrances closed this summer

Due to construction, two UPC entrances are closed this summer.

The Watt Way Entrance (formerly Entrance 1) on Exposition at Watt Way is closed May 15-July 28. To access the southwest corner of campus, use the Downey Way Entrance (formerly Entrance 6) on Vermont, which is now a 24-hour entrance to campus.

The Royal Street Entrance (formerly Entrance 4) is closed May 18-August 12. To access the north half of campus, use the McClintock Avenue Entrance (formerly Entrance 5), which remains a 24-hour entrance. Note that the McClintock Avenue Entrance is the only access point for 34th – no traffic is allowed through the bus gate on Figueroa.

Questions? Contact Transportation at auxtrans@usc.edu.

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