USC Employee Communications

USC’s Employee Communications department oversees and operates the Employee Gateway as well as other communications designed for staff and faculty. Employee Communications is also responsible for overseeing university policy development and communication, as well as the websites related to Human Resources (including Benefits, Equity and Diversity, and Human Resources Administration, among others).

Our departmental mission for the Employee Gateway is to inform, engage and inspire employees, facilitating conversations and collaboration that enhance productivity, while providing creative, compelling and concise content – as well as providing a gateway to everything a USC faculty or staff member will ever need. Take (less than) 5 minutes right now to see how it works:

If you have an idea on how we can improve our service to you, please share!

Diane Schrader
(213) 821-8116

Multimedia Specialist
Howard Kouo
(213) 821-8128

Video Producer
Jandy Hardesty
(213) 821-8129

Photographer/Communications Assistant
Natalie Flowers
(213) 821-8162