Take a spin downtown with Metro Bike Share

USC Center Metro bikes

Is your office in the USC Tower? You can enjoy a downtown ride during lunch or after work with Metro Bike Share – perfect for a break from the office or to run errands! Simply buy a pass online (you can register your current TAP card!) or at the kiosk, get a bike, go for a ride and return the bike. Bikes are located at 12th and Hill (129 W 12th Street). For more information on how Metro Bike Share works, visit the Metro site.

Send us a photo of you and your co-workers enjoying a lunchtime ride! #SCjoblove

Thanks to USC Tower special correspondent Regina Kirschenbaum for this great tip!

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  1. There are places all over downtown to park these bikes. So you can ride one, park it so you’re not getting charged, then pick up another one when you’re ready to ride again.