Policies & guidelines

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USC Policy
All USC employees are responsible for familiarizing themselves with all university policy

Employment & workplace policy
All employment and workplace policies at USC

The USC policy site has information on all staff and faculty leaves, both paid and unpaid

Expenditures and purchasing
All of USC’s administrative and business-related policies, including expenditures, purchasing and procurement issues

Employee complaints
The Employment and Workplace section of the USC policy site contains information on a variety of options for pursuing employee complaints

Human Resources Administration
Of special interest to managers and supervisors, this is also where you can find university job codes and descriptions

Faculty Handbook

Hospital intranet


USC Identity Guidelines
All USC employees should be aware of the university’s graphic guidelines

Student employee information

Postdoc information

USC acronyms


Trojan Time and OTIS


Payroll schedules

W2 access

Human Resources Administration job descriptions

Financial and Business Services
Information on Kuali, Pcards, and travel cards

Travel management services

Disbursement Control and Accounts Payable

Contracts and Grants

Compliance Help & Hotline
USC’s Office of Compliance offers a confidential method for reporting suspected violations of law

Information on disruptive student behavior


Workers’ Compensation

IT policies

Wireless access

Trademarks and Licensing
Trademarks & Licensing protect USC’s name and identifying marks