New names for UPC entrances and parking structures

In anticipation of the opening of USC Village nears and to aid Trojan Family and guest navigation of our campus, USC with the approval of senior leadership has renamed the UPC entrances and parking structures, as below. Entrances are now identified by their cross streets (with the exception of the Jefferson Entrance, formerly Entrance 9, which does not have a cross street). Parking structures are now identified by adjacent streets or staffed entry points.

Between May 15-July 10, all entrance and parking structure signs are being updated. Simultaneously, Transportation is updating online and printed campus maps.

Effective immediately, start using the updated names and maps in all communications.

New entrance names

Watt Way Entrance (formerly Gate 1)
Pardee Way Entrance (formerly Gate 2)
McCarthy Way Entrance (formerly Gate 3)
Royal Street Entrance (formerly Gate 4)
McClintock Avenue Entrance (formerly Gate 5)
Downey Way Entrance (formerly Gate 6)
Jefferson Boulevard Entrance (formerly Gate 8)

New parking structure names

Downey Way Parking Structure (formerly PSA)
Jefferson Boulevard Parking Structure (formerly PSB)
McCarthy Way Parking Structure (formerly PSX)
Royal Street Parking Structure (formerly PSD)
Flower Street Parking Structure (formerly PS1)
Figueroa Street Parking Structure (formerly PS2)
Grand Avenue Parking Structure (formerly UPX or University Parking Center)


UPC new entrance and structure names 2D map
UPC new entrance and structure names 3D map

Transportation thanks for your cooperation during this transition.

Contact Transportation at with any questions, or USC Communications at to request the most up-to-date version of the UPC map.

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