It’s not too late to get your health assessment credit

Senior Vice President Jim Staten tries to squeeze out an extra inch of height while being measured during a health screening… but his healthcare provider isn’t buying it!

Did you know you can still get your health assessment credit for a $40 a month reduction in paycheck contributions for your medical plan ($480 savings for the year) – so long as you act no later than March 31? You must complete two steps to qualify – an online health questionnaire and an in-person screening. As long as you complete both steps by March 31, you will get the full $480 credit. Get all the details.

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15 Responses

  1. I completed the online survey and the in-person survey but received an email stating I completed the online survey too late for it to be processed.

    Is this going to be corrected or do I need to complete an additional online survey?

  2. I completed the questioner the same day I had the health screening. I received and email stating I had not completed the questioner. I tried to go back in to complete the questioner but was not allowed to. The deadline to complete the questioner had passed.

  3. I keep getting emails that I need to do my lab when I have completed it way back in February 16th and still haven’t heard of my results. I also completed the questionnaire that same day too because I was able to choose the lab and I chose the lab in Glendale on Central Ave near Glendale Memorial too.

    • Hi Ron,

      Please reach out to our Health Plans office at 213-740-0035 or healthplans@usc and we can better assist you. We will need to see that your bioIQ dashboard shows complete for both steps (HRA +Screening).

  4. Hello, will I have to pay out of pocket If I chose to do the biometrics at labcorp instead of my primary care provider?

    • Hi Barb, No you will not have to pay out of pocket expenses for the Biometric screening completed at LabCorp. Just make sure you download the form and visit the labs listed from BioIQ’s website. For more information, please contact our office at or call us at 213-740-0035. Thank you.