Give a public shout-out to your colleagues

Top Notch Trojans animated awardsYour FMS electrician went above and beyond quickly servicing and answering questions about multiple lighting issues in your building. Your fund development manager has been on fire this month inspiring your team toward great client partnership. Your colleague didn’t miss a beat assisting you on student concerns, your employee delivered memorable customer service to hospital patient, you’ve been the recipient of exceptional help from a USC bus driver, human resources support, hospitality employee…

So, take a minute and let the university know – give your Top Notch Trojan a shout-out!

With USC’s employee Top Notch Trojan program, you can offer public kudos to a colleague, boss, employee or others at USC. When you submit your shout-out, your Top Notch Trojan will be notified on your behalf – then s/he will have the chance to see what you said, and even pay it forward.

Scroll down to “Know a Top Notch Trojan” on the Employee Gateway front page to get started!

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